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                                                                                  Birmingham, Alabama
April 17, 2011

  It is with pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Celesa Lucien.  I have known Celesa for over 15 years on both a personal and professional level.  Celesa and I worked on several fundraising initiatives together over the years when I was CEO of the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Dothan, Alabama and Celesa was an artist and restaurant owner.

  In each initiative I found Celesa to be very organized, creative, forthright, energetic and enthusiastic.  Her ability to think creatively and use the resources available to her wisely and judiciously made her a most valuable asset to our fundraising teams. Her approach is always positive, open, friendly yet professional and earned the trust and friendship of those with whom she worked.

  In addition to her fundraising and community leadership skills Celesa has extensive experience dealing with and serving the public from a hospitality business perspective and is quite adept at doing so.  In addition to designing the physical layout of her restaurant and doing much of the finish work in the restaurant which made for a most pleasing dining environment she provided training and education to the staff.  The service reflected Celesa's style and approach; professional, warm, respectful, skilled and competent.  The attention to detail and sensitivity to the customers’ needs and willingness to be creative and go ‘the extra mile’ made for a very pleasant dining experience which resulted in many repeat customers.

  I hope the forgoing provides you with a bit of insight on Celesa.  I found her to be a warm, energetic, creative professional and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Linda M. Wilder                                                                                  


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