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 Can You Keep A Secret?

    Secrets Salon & Spa Make-Over
            Stuart, FL        2011

Using a graphic canvas print of
   Audrey Hepburn purchased by the
   owner as inspiration, I found a way to
   transform an aging interior of a
   Colonial Florida structure int
o a
   "Hollywood Glamour Salon".

Before                                                                   Before

     High Drama greets the customer with an unexpected interior.  The salon feels like a place you will be pampered.  The print of 'Audrey' over the reception desk directs your path as you focus on her attention getting glance.  The room feels open and uplifts your mood. 

     The flower arrangements have small lights that project light up & out to the corners of the room.  The drapery panels on black rods add high contrast
mounted on white molding. Designer fabric panels are attached above foot molding for easy hair clean up.

     The black framed accent mirrors flanking the drapery panels and reflecting the flower arrangements adds another layer of excitement and help to broaden the room.  The large  gloss black 'leaner' mirrors by beautician stations
help to remove the boundaries of the side walls and the room opens up.          
 Before                                               After

     Venetian plastered walls, white high gloss freshly painted wainscoting and molding add class and sophistication.  The molding around ceiling now makes walls appear taller and cleaner.

Wooden window blinds are raised to the top on the windows and striped sheers defuse light without making the room dark.  The valances are painted black with crystal trim for accents.  The extra treatment gives the feel of a crystal Chandelier to each window.

   Mirror and wall sconces of the client are pulled from other areas and combined with; candles, art, and small shelves.  Hair products are given a new level of importance displayed as art. 
Seating now looks comfortable instead of cramped or uninviting when it was shoved in the corner.


Before                                                After

     The new position of work stations
 gives beauticians space to work and
 more floor space for customers.  The
 over-sized randomly stocked display
 shelf is moved in area by the reception




       No shower curtain will hide a corner
    or clutter.
  It will only draw attention to
    the space it is
trying to camouflage.

          The electrical outlet behind the
    reception desk was unfortunate and
    had to be moved or hidden.
  2 inch
    molding was used to frame the
    'Audrey' print and was notched out to
    accommodate the box & line.


       A washable silk drape was used to
  hang handsomely by a handy product
 shelf.  Cubes beside a thermostat
 distract from the
unit and draw
 attention to the
unique products.
     Products specifically displayed
uncluttered at eye level make
 customers feel welcome to pick up and
 ask questions.  Too many on a shelf or
 mix matched products would make it
 feel unbalanced or a hazard to touch.

        As in life, balance between too much and too little may be a challenge.  The right colors in a room can give it vitality.  The wrong ones can make you want to flee. The function of any space must take in consideration the needs of the people that work or live within.  It must conform to the requirements of the client in respect to taste and deliver all that it can with the means in which you are given to achieve it.    

 That's All Folks...                                                       

      Bracing myself for the next
  Design Challenge.

         Maybe your retail space or work environment needs Re-Newed Energy!
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