C J Design of the Treasure Coast

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ART/ Professional Artist

    Did Someone Say Art?

    Yes, since I began to crawl and began drawing abstracts on the panels of my crib -

  I have always been an artist.

    No media, un-explored!


A rare, energetic, entrepreneurial professional who works with creative success in a variety of one and two dimensional curriculum.  My special gift is ‘Ideaforia’.  Multi-talented, often working in many genres and mediums concurrently.  Gifted in the arts, creative interior design, sales, marketing, fundraising, multi-tasking and teaching.

University of New Mexico, Taos, NM.
Cedar Valley Junior College, Dallas, TX.
University Of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX.
2011          Created <www.MyBrightMoves.com> website, company, member National
                  Association Senior Move Management, dba of CJ Design of the Treasure Coast.
2011          Remodeled, Restored, & Staged 4 Bedrooms 8 Days.
2011          Judge for ARTFEST Arts Council of Martin County main fundraising event.
2011          Curator for Martin Arts Council, ‘Private Beauty’s Exhibition’ of 6 Private Collections.
1998-11     Certified Interior Decorator, Consultant, Stager, Remodeling of various Homes,
                  Yachts, Air-streams & Restaurants in: TX, NM, TN, AL, FL, RI, British & US Virgin
2008          Two British Virgin Islands Trade Licenses: Decorative Consultancy & Instructional               
2007          Contributor of Published articles on Decorating tips, techniques, and Before & Afters,   
                  Taos News Lifestyles Magazine, NM.
2001-05     Instructor for Taos Institute of Art, Taos, NM
2004          Purchase & Renovation Lime Leaf Cottage, Tortola, BVI. Vacation rental now on
2001-07     Owner/ Instructor of La Puerta Azul Art School & Gallery, Taos, NM.
1997-97     Gallery Director for Taos Art Association, representing over 1,500 artists. Sold
                  more art for gallery in 7 months than anyone in previous 2 and one half years.  
                  Doubled membership & increased profitability of non-profit organization, Taos, NM
1996          Partner, King of Hearts Gallery, Taos, NM.
1990-95     Designed and completed the conceptional design for 3 restaurants in Dothan, AL;  
                  Richard’s Coyote Grill, Down Island Cargo & Oyster Co., and The Bunker.
1993          Gallery Owner, Tumbleweeds Art Gallery. Voted top new businesses by
                  Chamber of Commerce, Dothan, AL.                                                                                
1990          Renovation of Interior for 56' Hatteras Motor Yacht, Orange Beach, FL.
2011          National Association Of Senior Move Managers, Member.
2009-11     Art Affiliation Memberships: Hobe Sound Art League, The Arts Council of Martin
                  County, A.E. Backus Museum, Elliot Museum, Lighthouse Art Center, Art Center of
                  Sarasota, Boca Raton Museum & Artists’ Guild, FL.
2007-11     Certified Interior Decorators International, Inc., Professional CID # 4475 
2001-07     Taos Chamber of Commerce,  Member, Taos, NM.
1999-02     President, Taos National Society of Watercolorists, Taos, NM.
1998-99     Chair & Coordinator 3rd & 4th Millicent Rogers Museum "Art In Bloom", Taos, NM
1997-06     Signature  Member Taos National Society of Watercolorists, Taos, NM.
1993          President, Potters Society, Dothan, AL.
1993          Dothan Chamber of Commerce, Member, Dothan, AL.

2012          Silver Addy for Co-creating with McNichols & Associates for "Private Beauty" post card.
2011          Solo Exhibition of over 70 works, "Paradise Spa", on Pineapple Grove, Del Ray, FL.
2011          The Arts Council of Martin County, Juried “A Summer Place”, Stuart, FL.
2011          Molly's House Fundraiser Calendar Original, “On the Waterfront”,  Featured in July.
2010          The Arts Council of Martin County, Juried, "Florida: New Interpretations", Stuart, FL.
2010          Ginny's Jane E's Gallery Representation, Anna Maria, FL.
2010          The Arts Council of Martin County, 2 Person Show, Harbor Bay Art Space, Sewalls
                  Point, FL.
2009          The Elliot Museum 6th Annual Juried Art Exhibition “Florida... Expressions and
                  Reflections”, Stuart, FL.
2009 -10    A.E. Backus Museum, “28th Annual Best of the Best Show”, Ft. Pierce, FL.
2009 -11    Rare Earth Gallery Representation, Stuart, FL.
2009 -10    Blue Water Nursery One Man Show, Hobe Sound, FL.
1999          Award, Best Of Abstract, “Taos Fall Arts”, Taos, NM.

                       CURATOR for  "PRIVATE BEAUTY EXHIBITION"   January  2011
              Martin County Courthouse Arts Council 30th Anniversary Gala

       Won Silver Addy Award for
   "Private Beauty" post card.

       A spoof with me on the cover
of Rolling Stone posed in front of art displayed in the Private Beauty Exhibition.
                                               GALLERY of CJ's Art

  "Mist on the Lily Pond"  22 x 32                                                "On The Waterfront"  24 x 24
  Mixed Water Media Original Sold / Giclee'  $700.                            Acrylic Original $800 / Giclee' 20 x 20' $500.
 "Mist On the Lilly Pond" was juried                        "On The Waterfront" selected for
into the A.E. Backus Museum &                              Molly House fundraising calendar
  Gallery's 28th Annual Best of the                            2010, Month of July.
  Best Show 2009.



  "Monet's Water Garden" 21 x 27                             "On The Banks" 32 x 22
   Mixed Water Media Original $800.                                 Mixed Water Media Original Sold / Giclee' $700.

"Monet's Water Garden" juried into        "On The Banks" accepted into 6th Annual
  A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery's         
  Elliot Museum Juried Exhibition, "Floridia...
  29thAnnual Best of the Best 2010.          Expressions and Reflections" 2009


         "Cabo Sailing" 21 x 21
           Acrylic Original Sold/ Giclee available $500



                                          Mono-Type Print Series

  Mono-prints are a one of a kind print.  These prints are made using a plexiglass surface which I randomly ink, than use brushes, Q-tips, fingers or any other tool to mark the surface.  Cutting out different shapes from stiff ink-able papers, plastics, etc. I lay out a random design that "tells a story" of an idea that I want to convey.  After I am satisfied with the composition, paper is laid over the plexiglass, than it can be rubbed with a spoon or put through a press that print an image in reverse of the layout.
  The "Caribbean Dream Connection Series" relates to years spent sailing the Caribbean and working as a Chef on Charter boats.  Sailing, exploring new beaches, marine life, tropical weather, Caribbean spices, music, and fragrances all are translated onto these happy & colorful prints. 

"Caribbean Dream Connection" 16 x 16                                   "Nautilus House"   16 x 16
  Mono-type Original $550./ Giclee'  $350.                                                       Mono-type Sold/ Giclee'  $350.


"Caribbean Dream Connection V"  16 x 16                                         "Deep Water Dreams"  16 x 16
  Mono-type Original  with Oil $550.                                                                     Mono-type Original  $550.

"Red Sky At Night, Sailors Delight" 16 x 16                                "Caribbean Romance"  16 x 16
 Mono-type Original  $550./ Giclee'  $350                                             Mono-type Original Sold / Giclee'  $350.

                                                                                      "Caribbean Romance" is the CD
                                                                                       cover for "Lucien Romantco"
                                                                                       by Jon Lucien.

                                                       Mixed Media

  These pieces were created using anything and everything.  Sometimes starting with a torn remnant of another painting, than I would just take off...
Most often paper would get textured, squirted with paints, drawn on with encaustic (wax medium), scrubbed with tools, or anything that would leave the artists mark.  Never really sketching an idea for one of these paintings because the piece "is" the development of the "idea".  All flowed intuitively as each layer was laid down.  The painting is testament to the journey of exploration of materials, ideas, mood & concepts.  Each painting awaits the viewers discovery of hidden messages.

"Tortola Hens & Chicks"  16 x 16                                                 "Boy and The Dolphin"  22 x 32
Mixed Media Original $500./ Giclee' $350.                                         Mixed Media Original Sold


"Fisherman's Dream"  20 x 36
 Mixed Media Original $700.

"Fisherman's Dream" was juried into, "A Summer Place" 2011 at Martin County Courthouse Cultural Center for the Arts Stuart, FL.

"The Pink & Blue House"  33 x 22
 Mixed Media Original  $1,500.

"St John Rainbows"                                                                        "In the Garden"  30 x 44

 Mixed Media Original  $600.                                                                Mixed Oil Media Original  $1,200.


                                           Linoleum Cut Print Series

  Using soft cut linoleum blocks I carve a reverse image of what you see as a final print.  After I am satisfied with my carving, ink is rolled onto the surface and a print is made using a press.  I like to ink a block using different colors on different parts of the design.  Most of the time I like to hand paint or embellish the print, making each piece unique.  All are signed and numbered.

"Discovering The Beach"  framed 16 x 16                                          "Caribbean Mermaid"  framed 16 x 16 
  Linoleum Cut Print Original $550. / Giclee' $350.                                      Linoleum Cut Print Original $550 /Giclee $350.


                                        Underwater Fantasy Series

  To begin the "Underwater Fantasy" pieces I danced above the canvas and squirted paint that I let dry than did thumbnail sketches of the grid that I saw flung across the surface, (much like Jackson Pollack).  Using only my instinct for design I let the subjects juxtapose themselves and defined the elements through color of oil paints.  I have never been afraid that someone will duplicate my work, because it is my "dance" and what is inside me that comes out.  Someone else will have their dance, their color, their life experiences.

"Night Dive"  22 x 30                                                                       "Caribbean Reef"  22 x 30
 Oil Original  $1,800. /Canvas 20 x 26 Giclee'  $550.                           Oil Original  $1,800./ Giclee' 20 x 26 $550.

"Night Dive" Juried into, "Florida: New Interpretations" Exhibition 2010 at Martin County Courthouse Cultural Center.

"Night Fisherman" 44 x 30
 Oil Original $2,800./ Canvas Giclee' 24 x 34 $800.

                      "Evening Reef" 30 x 44
                  Oil Original  $2,800.
                  Giclee' 20 x 30  $800.

       My "Underwater Fantasy"
 paintings of marine life are all
 painted from my imagination or
 experience living in the Caribbean.
 I have never used a projector to
 copy or replicate the details of fish
 or reef.  It is more important to me
 as an artist to translate the feelings
 and "awe" of the mysteries of
 nature rather than make a photo
 realistic copy.  That is why they
 invented the camera.

     Interpreting the world with
 sensitivity, using an artistic eye
 and mastery of the chosen medium
 is my "golden rule'.  I paint
 intuitively with subjects that
 interest me or come from the


                                                   Shadow Play Series

      Hypnotized by the reflection of railings, ladders and tree branches with foliage cast into my Koi Pond I became occupied with translating shadows across the pond.  Since the fish have scales like tiny mirrors they break the surface or hid beneath lily pads, yet reflecting much light.  I was intrigued by the abstract shapes and shadow play upon objects in the water.
"Shadow Play I"  framed 36 x 29                                                                
 Oil Original $2,700.




"Shadow Play IV" framed 25 x 36                                                "Shadow Play II" framed 25 x 35
 Oil Original Sold                                                                                  Oil Original  $2,500. 

"Shadow Play III" framed 38 x 25
  Oil Original Sold

                                                       "Shadow Play V"
                                                       Oil Original  $1,500.

                   Birds, Flora & Subjects Of The British Virgin Islands  

    This series began on cabinet door panels I removed from my Tortola home that were made from solid Burch.  Materials are at a premium on island and when the mood to paint hits, an artist can be resourceful.  My subjects were chosen as a result of regular walks to the beach.  I would spot birds in the wild along with interesting flowering or fruited trees and take clippings or branches to relate to the piece. 

    The paintings have a textural quality that some say feel like a tapestry.  I was inspired to paint these painting mainly to use the Wedgewood blue as a back- ground color.  It was a challenge to do some backgrounds in putty because I loved the blue so much.

    I interpret nature and do not try to copy every detail.  Each bird has it's own spirit and unique personality. The "Jack Bird in Lemon Tree" (nick-name, Thrushy) actually tried to make a nest above my french doors and kept swooping down to the
work table to steel my red oil stick.  Hopefully you can pick up on his capricious nature.  This variety of lemon tree is European with rough bumpy skins and lend almost a half cup of juice for an excellent lemonade.
    This series hung as a grouping would look fabulous in a library, office, bedroom, dining room or any space with a tall or expansive wall.     

"Cattle Egret & Sea Grape" 16 x 20                                       "Glossy Cowbird & Zebra Longwing Butterfly" 
 Oil Original Sold /  Canvas Giclee' $500.                                            Oil Original Sold / Canvas Giclee' $500.


"Smooth Billed Ani" 16 x 20                                                          "Sugar BIrd with Cordials"  16 x 20
 Oil Original Sold / Canvas Giclee'  $500.                                             Oil Original $1,800. / Canvas Giclee'  $500.

"Seaside Dove with Butterfly Weed" 16 x 20                              "Cheery Cheer aka Caribbean Eleania"
 Oil Original Sold / Canvas Giclee'  $500.                                             Oil Original $1,800. / Canvas Giclee' $500.

"Bay Breasted Cuckoo"  16 x 20                                                    "Jack Bird in Lemon Tree"  16 x 20
 Oil Original Sold / Canvas Giclee' $500.                                                Oil Original Sold / Canvas Giclee' $500.

"Princess Alexandrine Sewer at Methodist                          
 Church in Jost Van Dyke"  15 x 22                                               "Rufus and Sting Ray"  16 x 20

 Oil Original Sold / Canvas Giclee'  $500.                                              Oil Original $1,800. / Canvas Giclee'  $500.

                                        Continuing Bird, Flora Series in New Mexico

"Redwing Black Bird & Cattails"  16 x 20
 Oil Original $1,800.

"Swallowtail Butterfly with Milkweed"  16 x 20                             "Starling with Hollyhocks"  16 x 20
  Oil Original $1,800. / Canvas Giclee' $500.                                          Oil Original $1,800. / Canvas Giclee' $500.


                                              Terra-graph Printing
                        Demonstration at Rare Earth Gallery, Stuart, FL.


     This is relatively a new process derived from an ancient one, pottery.  I learned the technique from the man that pioneered it, Mitch Lyons, whose works are in Museum collections. This medium is respected and archival.  Experimenting with colored clay slips and different tools is an all encompassing process with endless possibilities yet to be discovered. 

"A Moment with Monet III" 17 x 12
Terra-graph mono-print original / framed 28 x 21 $1,200.

"A Moment with Monet V"  17 x 12
  Terra-graph mono-print original / framed 28 x21 $1,200.

"Sunrise Symphony I"  22 x 32                                                       "Sunrise Symphony II"  22 x 32
Terra- graph mono-print original / $1,700.                                             Terra-graph mono-print original / $1,700.       


"Coco Plum II"  22 x 32                                                                   "Island Colors" framed 20 x 27     
 Terra-graph mono-print original $1,500.                                              Terra-graph mono-print original $600.


  Serving as President of the Taos National Society of Watercolorists for a couple of years helped to keep me focused on the medium in its pure form.  Although many consider the medium less prestigious than oil the most famous of artists would tell you it is the most difficult medium to master.

"Mariposa Maiden I"  32 x 22
Watercolor w/ gold oil background  $1,500.

"Mariposa Maiden II"  11 x 16                                            "Mariposa Maiden III" 11 x 16
Watercolor Original w/ gold background  $800.                        Watercolor Original w/ gold background  $800.

"Underwater Fantasy I" 22 x 30                                         "Underwater Fantasy II" 22 x 30
 Watercolor Original  $750.                                                        Watercolor Original  $750.                

"Down Island Breeze"  30 x 15
 Watercolor Original  $750. / Giclee' $300.

"Jouvert  II" (Carnival) (#1 Sold) 22 x 30
 Watercolor Original  $750.

                                                         Oil Sticks

   Oil Sticks are a professional Oil in a stick form without the stink.  I have taught this medium Plein- air and in the studio successfully for years. Oil sticks are convenient and provide direct color mixing with vibrant results without using solvents or brushes.  All my oils are painted with oil sticks and the variety of textures and colors are testament to their versatility.

"Feng Shui I" Won Best of Abstract in Taos, NM Annual Fall Arts 2009.

"Feng Shui I" 28 x 35
Oil Original Sold/ Giclee available $800.

"A Matter of Time" 15 x 22                                                                                    "In The Gorge" 15 x 35
 Oil Original  $800.                                                                                                       Oil Original  $700.

"Fruit Cocktail" 22 x 28
Oil Original $1,200.

                           LA PUERTA AZUL ART SCHOOL      Taos, NM    2001-2007

         The concept to open and teach art education in the art mecca of Taos, NM was a natural step.  Many painters and writers have come to New Mexico following in the footsteps of Georgia O'Keeffe, Victor Higgins, D.H.Lawerance, Oscar Berninghaus, Earnest Blumenschein, Irving Couse, Howard Cook, Emil Bisttram, Nicolai Fechin, Robert Henri, Leon Gaspard, Gene Kloss, Joseph Sharp, John Marin and more than can be mentioned in this small list.

         Galleries of inspiring art opened the creative flow for many a visitor.  The light, vast skies and subjects available for interpretation are endless.

                                                                                 Punched Tin Work
       Tin work used for cabinet inserts, back-splashes, sconces, chair-railing, or decorative accents is one beautiful way I put a personal touch on some furniture or design in a room.  An almost forgotten craft created by punching tin with nails, screwdrivers or other tools it can be repetitive, loud and wrist wrenching.  The results of a hand tooled light fixture or trim will leave a lasting impression.


Tin-work used as a distinctive chair-rail and as new layer over a veneer stripped entry table add unique touches to an interior.

                     Venetian Plaster & Design Ideas  

      The thrill of Venetian plaster is watching the light quality change, reflect and glow on the
surface of the wall depending upon the source of light.  I learned the finesse of plaster
  from the adobe master that built my home and when I helped re-mud the outside walls on
  St. Francis Church in Taos, New Mexico.



      Fresco drawings that I like to
     incorporate in the plaster are my own
     technique.  I did not learn how to do this
     from anyone but developed my own
     method using media I have used for
     years teaching and doing art in
     printmaking, drawing and painting.  My
     drawings are all about the line quality
     and subtle nuances.  It allows one to
     layer framed art or decorate a room
     without the images being overpowering.


      Venetian plaster drawn to repeat the drapery from the painting onto the walls of the lavatory
 bring a whimsical element.  A 'grin' toward opulence with a grown up Charlotte's Web Pig Woman
 who sits on her alter and muses.